Let's build a sustainable economy for the city


Time eto get it sorted


Everyone should have a home

Kevin Illingworth

Your independent candidate for City Centre


Reduce the over dependence on Tourism.

Spread the festivals out to reduce pressure on the City Centre and allow other areas to benefit, We have the two biggest festivals in the world and hold them both at the same time. They don't overlap the school holidays. Moving one of the festivals to July would make a lot of sense. We all know people who let their flats out in August to pay for a holiday. Moving a festival to July would mean families with children could do the same.

Raise cash with a levy on Festival tickets.

Encourage local shopping. We've all got used to buying online, let's have events to encourage people back into local shops.

I am doing my bit for the local economy by getting my leaflets printed in actual Edinburgh! 


We need better information about what goes in each bin. There has been no information on how to recycle for years. No wonder recycling rates are low.

No one wants a bin hub outside their front door. They will end up creating mess and people will just use whichever bin is not full, so recycling rates will get worse.

Free, next day pick up of bulky items. This will cut fly tipping overnight. You can buy a mattress online and get it delivered the next day. Why can't the council do a next day pick up?

Establish a re-use hub to process picked up bulky items. Like an industrial version of the Repair Shop. This will create jobs and generate income by selling on or recycling things that currently go to waste.

Did you know you can recycle 70% of a mattress? All those metal srpings are worth money.

They have been talking about the Deposit Return scheme for years with very little progress being made.


Our roads are a mess. Every March there is a mad rush to dig them up and use up budgets. The same roads are dug up again and again, a total waste of our money..

I want to appoint a Pothole Tsar, with a target of fixing potholes and stopping them from happening again.


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In this election we vote by ranking the candidates in order. Be careful, if you put two "1"s or two "X"s your vote might not get counted.

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During the Pandemic we found out who the real key workers are, don't price them out of the city,.

Put an end to rough sleeping, everyone should have a roof over their heads..Seeing people sleeping in shop doorways does not look good. 

The Council has been talking about Air BnB for years and still have done nothing about it.

Green spaces

Protect our parks and gardens from over development,.

Plant trees to replace those that have been cut down. 

Attract wildlife into our parks (but not foxes, rats and sea gulls). Put up more nesting boxes for birds and bats. Manage the parks using organic mehods, not just spraying weed killer.

End the current policy of removing rubbish bins from our parks and not replacing them. Have a dispenser for dog pooh bags with a designated bin to stop people tying them to the trees.

"Smart bins" that detect when they are full have also been talked about for years with little progress being made. These can be solar powered and when full they crush the contents which increases capacity by 800%.. 


No one should feel unsafe going about the city.

I will work with the Police to understand concerns of local residents.

Meadowbank Sports Centre

Did you know this is currently 18 months behind scedule?

At least they can collect your Direct Debit on time.

This election...

Is about local services and decisions made on your behalf in the City Chambers.

It is not about Partygate, the Ferries Fiasco, Brexit, IndyRef 2, NHS waiting lists or National Insurance.

Quiz the candidates on their local policies, not their national identities.

Look closely at their leaflets and see where they actually get them printed, you will be surprised.

Some fun facts about me, your candidate

Once in Paris I was mistaken for Bruce Springsteen and signed a few autographs in a bar.

I help at a charity in the City Centre ward.

When I was a kid, every Sunday my family would gather round the piano. If only one of us knew how to play it!

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